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Timetable to Background

Convert MIS-acquired timetables to a mobile wallpapers or export them as .ics calendar files

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A course information query system for you.

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Icon for project 'How Many of You in UIC'

How Many of You in UIC

We had sorted out the English names of UIC students from 2013 to 2017, see how many people have the same name as you.

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Icon for project 'LCbot UICHCC Edition'

LCbot UICHCC Edition

To simplify the management of WeChat groups, we modified LCbot, which is made by LinuxCn, to fit in the common use of WeChat groups among UIC teachers and students. You will find it much efficient to manage your large groups using this automatic robot.

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Icon for project 'GPA Calculator'

GPA Calculator

Don't know your goal on grades? Want to understand how hard you should study to reach your target GPA? We have this calculator specially tailored for you. Enjoy it, enjoy your life in UIC!

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Icon for project 'UIC Headphoto Synthesizer'

UIC Headphoto Synthesizer

Show love to our dearest college. Add a UIC logo on your avatar gracefully using our synthesizer, and be proud of UIC!

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Join us. We'll blow your mind.

We need you. If you have something that can "show off", and you are willing to share it, you are more than welcomed to join us. All our work are opened to the society for free—free as in freedom, not free beers.

You do not even need to be able to program; we need you for art direction and user experience improvements. If you find something interesting but we are not paying attention to it, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can achieve your dream here!

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